Decisions, decisions. Is the Nokia brand in the context of all mobile devices the best play for Microsoft. Sure, they bought the company but that didn’t mean they had to make everything mobile –including tablets — a Nokia product, did it?

Microsoft’s deal to acquire Finnish telecommunications outfit Nokia was recently given the rubber stamp of approval by the relevant bodies overseeing such takeovers, and even though ties between the two firms have been fairly close for years now, the software giant has gradually been integrating Nokia’s staff and product lines with its own business model. As a part of this ongoing process, Microsoft is said to be on the cusp of licensing the iconic Nokia brand, and according to leaked info, may opt for “Nokia by Microsoft” labeling on its smartphone line-up.

Following this logic and alleged by EVLeaks, the Surface line will take on a Lumia moniker (wince!) Adoption of the Surface hasn’t ben great, but it’s gotten better. This could very-well backfire if you ask me.

Microsoft To Use ‘Nokia By Microsoft’ Branding For Upcoming Devices, Ditching Surface Brand | Redmond Pie.