BlackBerry will be releasing the Passport in the coming months but that hasn’t stopped complete video previews, screenshots and hands-on reviews from pouring in. I honestly don’t care about most of these, but interestingly enough the type of SIM the Passport will be taking is pretty obvious in the picture above and it’s a decent signal from a tech and manufacturing perspective.

Many think Blackberry is antiquated and they may be right.  Up until now, every BlackBerry device made – including the Z3 – took a microSIM, but it seems that’s all changing with the Passport. NanoSIMs are have become the standard in the U.S. and many other countries around the world for all high-end  devices. As their name would indicate, they are smaller than microSIMs, which can be a little annoying for users that switches devices a lot, but they also use up less space on a device which can be great for any hardware manufacturer that may need to arrange or move parts around on a specific device. Bringing nanoSIM support to the Passport is an indicator that Blackberry is putting more emphasis on their form factor and hardware design. If they’re making an effort to cram more technology into lighter devices like the Passport while also innovating with the keyboard (it’s swipable!), they might just have a chance!

BlackBerry Passport Will Be The First BlackBerry To Use NanoSIM | N4BB.