Let’s skip past my asking the reader if they’ve ever googled themselves. We all have done it. Have you been dismayed at what you’ve found or what others have found out about you? Well, there’s a policy and process at Google that lets you request to be removed from result feeds.

Taking advantage of Google’s new policy concerning your “right to be forgotten” can be a bit complicated however. One website is trying to make it easier though. Forget.me takes the hassle out of removing unwanted links appearing on the ubiquitous search engine by simplifying the process, optimizing your request and alerting you once Google has received the request. In order to use the site, you simply sign up for an account and make a search removal request. Within the request form, you’ll be shown a list of the top search results containing your name, but you can add individual links that aren’t listed as well.

Once you’ve selected all the links you’d like to have removed, you are given the chance to justify their removal. Some of the justifications include criminal procedure, privacy and death, and you’ll be given the opportunity to edit the text of the justification before you send it.

When you’re done, you will have two options: have the Forget.me team send the request to Google for you or send it yourself. During the “start-up phase,” the service will be entirely free, but that may change once the website takes off. And that’s it — you’ve officially exercised your right to be forgotten. Forget.me can track the removal request and will let you know when the link has disappeared. Already signing up, aren’t you!?

Remove yourself from Google with Forget.me | BGR.