Red light and speeding cameras are a real pain. Don’t get me wrong – you shouldn’t speed or run red lights. But the fact that the only consequence of these devices is a fine just makes me think it’s more of an elaborate revenue stream than a safety. If anything it’s a minor deterrent.

Over the past few years, Hyundai has really upped it’s game as far as technology goes. Once known for economical cars, it’s got an outright contender in the full size sedan segment and equips “lower end” automobiles with some great features. Strong competition from the likes of Kia have also fueled the fire.

The 2015 The Hyundai Genesis comes with an interesting feature: when it is approaching a camera, it will automatically slow the car down to make sure it is within the legal limit. The Genesis uses a combination of GPS and braking technology to make sure you don’t get any speeding tickets, and it will alert you to the presence of a camera 800 meters in advance.

In addition to slowing the vehicle to the correct for speed limit in areas where there are speed cameras, it also come with emergency braking technology that is used to help you avoid an accident. Great stuff, but just remember that the Genesis is not a low-end car folks.

Hyundai Genesis Will Slow Down.