This just in: Misfit’s activity tracking software is coming to Pebble smartwatches. On its face this might be something of a shocker given its bundled with their own hardware, but Misfit’s leadership see the death of dedicated fitness trackers as inevitable. Wearable fitness trackers are a relatively new category, only a few years old at best but a category that’s exploded in that time. Misfit sells the Shine activity tracker, which relies on a smartphone (or now a Pebble) to sync and display its data.

An interview with The Wall Street Journal of Misfit CEO Sonny Vu was very straightforward:

“If you buy one of these [Apple] devices you’re not going to buy an activity tracker,” [he said], adding that he predicts Android-powered watches will undo the fitness bracelet market. “Why should we cling on to a dying business?”

It bears mentioning that with over 300,000 units sold, Misfit doesn’t have immediate plans to withdraw from the market, but rather to align itself correctly for when things dry up. That’s just smart business in my opinion, but what do YOU think?

Misfit CEO sees wearable fitness trackers getting crushed by smartwatches | Android Central.