Uncrate’s got a nice little curation designed for the laid-back gentleman taking a stroll through World Cup Central, aka Rio de Janeiro. The idea here is to be comfortable and cool, but always classy. So how does one accomplish this look? Let’s see what they came up with above:

From the top, a pair of Garrett Leight Milwood 46 Sunglasses ($315) keep the glare out of your eyes so you can take in the sites. Apolis Washed Classic Chambray Shirt ($168), Rogue Territory AR-G Trousers ($165) and a Cause and Effect Leather Belt ($150) will keep them where they belong, unless you’ve got other ideas. This look makes for a decent afternoon/evening look for grabbing a drink. But during the day or while lounging, it’s best to pair down with something like a pair of Wings + Horns Pique Terry Shorts ($138). A Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Weekender Tote Bag ($395) will keep everything in tow and a pair of. Vans Slip-On 59 Shoes ($55) will work with either outfit.

Don’t forget your cash and cards though – try a Haerfest F19 Wallet ($65). And instead of paying your way out of getting lost, keep a copy of The Green Soccer Journal ($17), The Travel Almanac ($18) and Wallpaper City Guide ($12) on hand to strike up a conversation or navigate your way out. There’s a few other odds and ends up there as well – feel free to click though for more. Enjoy!

Garb: Rio Days | Uncrate.