The strategy of launching wave upon wave of new, original content has worked like a charm for Netflix. It’s share price has zoomed up by 20% over the past month as a result. Not one to rest on it’s laurels the company is now prepping launches in France and Germany after it clobbered HBO in Sweden by a roughly 10-to-1 ratio in new subscriber additions. And now Netflix is preparing to unleash a new wave of content that includes some of its most surprising shows yet.

Somewhat oddly, Netflix has decided to do a mini-season of The Killing. Apparently it believes it can rescue a property that was a massive critical and audience favorite in Scandinavia thanks to its grimly naturalistic original format.

In a straight up shocker, Netflix has also decided to bring a Chelsea Handler talk show to its streaming service in what is a potentially groundbreaking move. No notable talk shows have ever been attempted in the streaming business. Handler’s show isn’t exactly new, but it’s certainly off-color.

Finally, bringing back Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin to anchor a new series is also a bold move by Netflix. These were hot comic actresses 35 years ago… Is the rescue/resuscitation model going to work for Netflix?

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