Some people look at me in dismay when I tell them my daily driver in an HTC One (M8). I was late to the game with the M7, but a fan of HTC back from the Incredible days. That, my friends might just have been the best phone I ever had. But I digress. How could I NOT have a Galaxy S5 from Samsung? Well, for starters I like aluminum and an unlockable phone for Verizon. Why haven’t I held out for the LG G3? Like the S5, I’m not a fan of plastic.

In a word, the HTC One is the best (my opinion). Despite it’s flaws, it comes out on top for me, and I have a lot of experience with gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, the S5 is an outstanding phone (the Active version even better perhaps), and the LG G3 is a monster with specs I just don’t need and a screen that’s just way too big. Ergonomically, it one-ups the One, albeit with less “premium” materials. Don’t forget about the Xperia Z2 from Sony though. But sadly it’s not available to me.

But don’t take my word for it. The folks at Android Central are in complete agreement in their best of article linked below.

The best Android phones | Android Central.