The Apple iWatch is going to be part of the Company’s health and fitness push, and will be armed with plenty of functionality to the test. To that end, what better way to give it the ol’ beta than to have several professional athletes have a run at them?. If there’s anybody who would know what they need out of a fitness gadget, it’d be those for whom sports is their livelihood, no? Apple is reported to have called in athletes from the MLB, NHL, and NBA to help in testing out the wearable.

9to5Mac reports that “Apple is said to be working with Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Kings right winger Dustin Brown, and a few other star athletes, including a player from the Boston Red Sox, on the testing project. The athletes are said to have signed non-disclosure-agreements regarding the existence of the upcoming Apple wearable device. Nonetheless, Bryant was spotted at Apple’s campus last month meeting with Apple design chief Jony Ive. Indeed, the meeting between the pair is said to have been in regards to “iWatch” testing.”

The integration of fitness sensors and tracking in an iWatch would tie closely to the Apple M7 motion co-processor that’s included in modern iOS devices as well as the health-tracking HealthKit software built into iOS 8. If done well, (and Apple does have a knack for this sort of thing, epecially with Nike on board) it could be a great piece of hardware. Pitty you’ll be forced to grab an Apple smartphone and/or other devices to make the most out of it…

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