Whether you swim, play tennis, kayak, operate equipment, workout or just want a simple way to interact with wireless devices, the Arcus ring might interest you. Just another project on Kickstarter, or perhaps something more? You tell me!

Arcus Motion Analyzer is a marriage of wearable activity trackers and gesture recognition devices that utilize the same technology found in aerospace to allow precise navigation within the 3D space. When used as an activity tracker, your Arcus allows you to get real time feedback of your performance across a wide variety of sports. But it’s not just sports tracking that you can use Arcus for! You can connect to and control any nearby Bluetooth Smart Ready device using simple finger gestures, remotely.

What’s it good for? All sorts of activity that require hand-motion, including walking, sports, and remote control of nearby devices. If was less intrusive looking and could take your pulse, they might have been on to something. That being said, it can charge via wireless Qi standard. Pledge $149 soon and you can get in on the action with an early-bird special. If this sort of thing interests you!

Arcus Motion Analyzer | Smartring with Wireless Charging by Arcus Motion — Kickstarter.