Amazon licensing Android Appstore to BlackBerry | Android Central

Blackberry has suffered what WebOS and Microsoft Windows Phone have and continue to experience – a lack of adoption from the developer community. Getting Google Play on Blackberry devices isn’t exactly in the works, but we all know there’s plenty of ways to get an app onto your phone.

BlackBerry 10 device owners will now be able to download all the Android apps Amazon has to offer while BlackBerry is left “to focus on enterprise application development.” So far, BlackBerry users have had to hope Android app developers would port and upload their apps to BlackBerry World, or have had to resort to more unofficial methods of obtaining their apps. While the Amazon Appstore isn’t Google Play, it recently topped 240,000 apps in its catalog. The app-gap in BB10 should certainly feel a lot smaller now.

BlackBerry says it will be working with Amazon to integrate its developer community’s apps into the Amazon Appstore before things go live and help them benefit from Amazon’s tools, including Amazon Coins. It’s important to note also that Amazon does have some strange approval processes, too – not supporting the original Kindle Fire has been an issue we’ve seen first hand to being able to update apps. This is probably bigger news for BlackBerry owners than Amazon at this point, but everyone wins.

Amazon licensing Android Appstore to BlackBerry | Android Central.