Having resisted Macs for the longest time (using BootCamp and not even using the intended OS when I initially got a Macbook Air) the experience using the native email app was a disappointing one. I was on Mountain Lion for only a short time before previewing and ultimately adopting Mavericks. Suffice to say I didn’t use the Mail app for very long. Office for Mac might be awful, but Outlook was still a better option.

Apparently it wasn’t always this way, and my experiences in Mavericks are shared (and even more frustrating) for folks who spent considerable time on Lion and Mountain Lion. So how’s Apple addressing it in Yosemite?

Apple hasn’t apologized for how much of a disaster Mail is in Mavericks, but the message was apparent at the WWDC 2014 keynote: “…we really focused on the basics,” said Apple SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi at the WWDC keynote. “Reliable syncing, fast switching between mailboxes, quick fetches of your new mail, the basics.”

In other words, everything that Mavericks Mail managed to screw up. Yosemite Mail is purportedly snappier than before and less prone to many of the problems in Mavericks. I’ve been testing Yosemite myself, but haven’t gotten around to the mail app just yet. It’s gotten a UI overhaul, profile images (a la Google), markup additions, and larger attachment sizes. That’s good because my attachments don’t get smaller with time. All in all, it’s a step forward, or in this case a return to nice stable place it supposedly was before. That’s a good thing, don’t you think?

Mail in OS X Yosemite: Explained | iMore.