I work out – gotta keep fat me in the past. I have a little bit of equipment as opposed to going to the gym, so I try not to spend to much money on things, especially those I don’t really need. That being said, when The Rack came out, I ignore it. I already have a full-size Pull-Up/VKR/Pushup Tower so I certainly wouldn’t drop another Benjamin on a compact one. However, if the price was dropped to $49, that’d be a different story. Decent piece of equipment (especially for those that don’t have anything and want to start with body-weight resistance. What do I always say? A deal’s a deal.

The Rack All In One Gym is the only piece of equipment that takes Old School moves like push-ups, crunches and dips to the next level. All by using your own body weight as primary resistance. And now that it’s half-price through Woot, it’s a good deal too.

Options include:

  • Vinyl cover foam handles for complete comfort and durability
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 300 pounds support
  • Nutritional Guide, Fitness Guide & Journal, and Workout DVD with 7 Workouts

I’m not saying you need to order one, just that it’s a relatively good deal now. Mmkay?

The Rack All In One Gym.