As if strapping a GoPro camera to your helmet and getting rough and tumble first-person video of your own stunts and shenanigans wasn’t enough.. Now, if you want a really dramatic point of view courtesy of a 43 mph self-stabilizing autonomous drone packing the very same camera, it’s in your bright future! (Wow, that was a mouthful)

The robotic hexacopter captures aerial footage by detecting where yyour phone is and following along — you only have to set a preferred distance. You’ll need to pledge at least $499 if you want a Hexo+ and already have a GoPro camera on hand; $699 will get you both the craft and a camera. That’s a lot of money just to get yourself in the frame, but it might be worthwhile if it gives you the production quality you usually only see from a big studio. You’d better hope that the FAA gets its drone rules in order before Hexoplus’ planned May 2015 ship date, though. Feel free to scroll back a few days for the article I posted about the first officially FAA-sanctioned drone flyover on US soil.

Autonomous camera drone lets you shoot your own action scenes.