I can’t say that this particular gadget will have a big impact on your life or whether it’s worth the introductory price of $99 for pre-ordering or not, but it certainly got my attention when I heard about it. As someone who’s very into the quantified-self movement, I can appreciate anything that tracks what I do and gives me some insight as to what impact these actions have. If my cup can track what and how much I drink and then tell me the consequence, well hey!

This clever piece of drink-ware automatically recognizes what beverage you’ve placed inside it’s 13 oz interior, allowing it to keep track of things like calories, caffeine, sugar, and fat ingested, and your overall hydration level via a system called Pryme. The cup charges on a saucer, of all things! A slick, built-in hidden screen can show you basic info, and for a more complete view of your hydration habits, simply pair it with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and let the companion app handle the rest. Now, if they can just come up with a solid-food equivalent, they’ll have brought the likes of MyFitnessPal into the real world, sans the manual entry. That’s gotta be worth something!