This show has taken me by complete surprise. It’s just insane. That is all.

As Fargo warms up for its finale, time is of the essence. Urgency was everywhere in the latest episode: the eye-catching clock in Lester’s living room; he and Linda’s rush for the airport; the shared, independent laments by Lorne, and the bumbling yet dogged agents Pepper and Budge about having wasted six months staking out their targets; not to mention Molly’s impending due date.

But it doesn’t matter exactly when the baby’s expected. The imminently arriving Grimly won’t be the Messiah, just as Lorne isn’t the Antichrist. There won’t be a duel at high noon. So whether it’s Molly or the aforementioned rogue G-Men in pursuit, nobody’s punching any time cards. Malvo himself is patient with a kill, yet intolerant toward disruption of what he deems the natural order. But as Lou illustrates in his sketchy elaboration on that 1979 incident in Sioux Falls, not much has changed about the evil that men do. In Linda’s mortal words, all that varies is “the disarray people leave behind.”

Fargo Recap: Canton Fodder — Vulture.