Yalta LTD Artist Series | Yalta Bag | Chrome Industries

Oh hell, anyone can make a perfectly usable rolltop, waterproof backpack, right? Certainly not! But while Chrome in known for its wares, they’re typical of the demur (read black all over) type. The Black Fog print created by renowned live-paint artist NOA shakes things up quite a bit. Even if I owned a Yalta pack, I would consider getting another one. It’s limited edition, looks awesome and is guaranteed for life, like any Chrome pack.

Typically using acrylic paint on canvas or wood, NOA’s known for painting live with a style that emulates Japanese line-making. Each piece of art is influenced by the music he chooses to play as he paints. Most of his inspiration is deeply rooted in hip-hop and graffiti. This artwork is based on the Japanese phrase, “黒霧” that translates phonetically to Kuro Mu and means Black Fog. These one-of-a-kind Yalta bags come from a 4´ x 12´ canvas and acrylic painting NOA- made as a limited run. Once they are gone, they’re gone. The pack is made from weatherproof 1000 denier truck tarpaulin, has a capacity of 29L, measure 14″x12″x6″ and can be found directly from Chrome’s site linked below for $140. Enjoy!

Yalta LTD Artist Series | Yalta Bag | Chrome Industries.