The graphic artist, photographer, designer, architect, or producer in you might see a perfectly legitimate tool that can instantly reproduce color in the real world as easily as the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. Be able to then color immediately in that very same shade would be a power feature. All that’s well and good, but the 5 year-old in me sees the most awesome gizmo I’ve seen all week, and I want one!

But seriously, this is pretty interesting technology. The device is small and has a 16 bit color sensor powered by an ARM9 processor. It’s got 1GB of space to store up to 100,000 colors and connects to devices and its own app via Bluetooth and micro-USB. If you want more of a stylus as opposed to a working pen, there are two version. The $150 version uses a refillable set of ink cartridges and the $80 version has stylus functionality only. Of course, they’ll both come in a number of nifty colors.

Campaigning on Kickstarter begins shortly, and there’s a limited-time offer of 20% off if you sign up early. All yours, folks!

A Color Picker Pen That Reproduces Any Color..