I had to go back and re-post this particular Hypebeast Style Essentials as I’d forgotten about it weeks ago. In my eyes it’s more of a time-capsule / installation than anything else. Featuring an Atari 2600, Hanimex Super-8 camera, bootleg VHS, original black Motorola “Brick” cell phone, retired Deutsche Marks, and a Raider (now TWIX) bar, it’s just chock full of history. A Rolex GMT Master Pepsi watch and a pair of Reebok Instampump Fury’s are the only modern touches, with an admittedly dark and retro look to both.

Hikmet Sugoer once described the sneakerhead culture of Berlin as a mix of tech, ’90s running and vintage influences, and as a pioneer of the sneaker scene there, his favorite items aren’t too far off either. The owner of sneaker shop Solebox and organizer of the Solemart gathering has such an appreciation for the retro that a glance at his set of Essentials might make some double-check the date of this post. Feel free to check out Solebox HERE, and learn more about Mr. Sugoer through a conceptkicks interview click HERE. Enjoy!

Essentials: Hikmet Sugoer of Solebox | Hypebeast