As If some people didn’t already have enough reasons to HATE Comcast, let’s have another shall we: Comcast has just transformed part of Houston into a WiFi commune by activating 50,000 residential Xfinity routers, according to the Houston Chronicle. The new service will give any Comcast client free WiFi access via those “xfinitywifi” hotspots, and is just the beginning of a larger rollout.

A lot of customers now broadcasting WiFi may not actually know they’re doing so, however, since Comcast opted them in by default — though it did warn users, by MAIL. It added that the changes won’t expose home networks and shouldn’t affect your internet connection speeds thanks to added capacity. I’m not sure if I believe that because each router does have a limit as opposed to the entire network so the logic doesn’t follow. There’s another 100,000 routers coming on line in the city soon as well, but you can opt out by following the rather convoluted procedure.

If you have Comcast or if your carrier pulled this crap, would you be pleased?

Like it or not, your Comcast Xfinity router may now be a WiFi hotspot.


One thought on “Comcast Xfinity Routers = WiFi Hotspot | Like It Or Not

  1. This is absolutely outrageous! I just found that Comcast placed a public wifi hotspot on my internet router…..without my permission. This means that anybody walking or stopping in a car by my house can access the internet through my router…as long as they have a Comcast account. There are serious problems with this: (1) say I’m using Netflix watching a movie. And a neighbor or several neighbors or just someone in a car by the curb decides to access Netflix or some download service via my router using this public access. Broadband cable is a finite bandwidth and it is possible that these public users can, through using my finite broadband cable services, cause my streaming movie to pause many times or even stop. (2) A much more serious criminal issue: usernames and passwords are stolen all the time…I think that is a given. So someone can steal a Comcast username/password and then sit in a car at my curb. Log into my router and watch porn. Or download nuclear secrets. Or make jihadist terrorist threats via my Comcast internet service. So who do you think the FBI will handcuff and drag off to interrogation? Comcast? No…how about me….guilty until proven innocent just because someone used my internet router. So Comcast should NEVER enable this public internet sharing service without the EXPLICIT permission and knowledge of the account holder.

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