For those of you who know a fully-grown man child father, this $99 gizmo might just be for you, if he’s willing to wait. Sony’s just announced the Playstation TV at E3 to go head-to-head with Microsoft and Apple. And yes, the device is for Playstation and Television. If the Dad in question has got two TVs but only one PS4, this tiny ARM Cortex A9-powered box hooks up to the other TV, allowing you to use Remote Play to get at PS4 games.

The device supports streaming of PS3 games over Playstation Now, and will support downloading of select PS Vita, PSP, and PS One games to an SD card. You’ll be able to get TV shows and movies as well. Safe to assume it can be found on Amazon now, but it won’t drop until the end of the year, so knowing will have to be gift enough!

Sony PlayStation TV lets you play games and watch films on any set in the house | Mail Online.