BLACK SKULL - Fiona Krüger

If you’ve got a dark goth side, an excellent sense of style and about $17,000.00 to spare on a limited edition (think a dozen pieces) timepiece by Fiona Kruger, have I got the example for you!

Independent Scottish designer Fiona Krüger first revealed the design of her intricate SKULL watch 3 years ago, and now it has finally come into production. Drawing inspiration from the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots, the Dia de Los Muertos and skeleton movements found in contemporary watches, the result is a beautiful timepiece.

This watch is produced in a limited edition of 12 pieces and is now available for pre-order for delivery in September 2014. Each watch is hand-made in Switzerland, powered by a Swiss mechanical movement with a 5-day power-reserve. SKULL’s hand-decorated 3-layer dial mirrors the aesthetics of the movement underneath, highlighting the mechanical aspect of the watch. Encased in a hand-polished stainless steel skull-shaped case the watch is complimented by a hand-made leather wrist-band. Enjoy, or run in fear.

BLACK SKULL – Fiona Krüger.