I’ve got me a handful of pieces of Timberland gear. No, not the giant work boots or the manly parkas, but rather Earthkeeper Chukkas, some canvas accessories and other bits and pieces. When you make things the right way–stylish, quality, versatile and the like–you get a fan in me. It wasn’t hard for me to cherry-pick this essentials post off of Hypebeast for that reason.

Adam is a style icon and menswear blogger and his Essentials portray his personality and unique background. There are more than a few thoughtfully chosen fixtures and some various knickknacks. West Coast youthful style, one would categorize it, is portrayed by a waterproof wharf jacket, a cotton canvas backpack, and pair of cupsole chukkas, all from Timberland. Accents include a select few bracelets from Kiel James Patrick and Tevin Vincent, and a classic timepiece. Woody’s hair wax keeps his har clean and a pair of Aviators keep it classy. Enjoy!

Timberland Mark Makers Essentials: Adam Gallagher | Hypebeast.