This Just In: New Video Of The 2016 Bentley SUV

Aside from the prototype leaks and some previous information and sketches, Bentley now has a new website devoted to its upcoming SUV and official word from parent Volkswagen Group that it is allowing Bentley to produce it. We’ve been hearing about this since 2012, so official word is a good thing.

The vehicles promises to look like very much like a traditional Bentley–tall gleaming grille, rounded headlamps, a wide, powerful stance–but beefed up a bit for SUV status. This is the most we’ve seen of the latest direction Bentley is taking with the car since it released a vague shot of a production model last March.

The idea isn’t insane. North America is Bentley’s largest sales region, with 3,140 cars delivered there last year, and its second biggest market, China, saw 2,191 cars delivered. Both markets admittedly like their cars BIG.

Bentley chief Wolfgang Schreiber says that if consumers want a “real” luxury SUV, they’ll have to wait until Bentley makes one: “If you look at the different SUVs on the market today, you don’t really see a luxury SUV, you see high options,” Schreiber said earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. “Premium SUVs like Porsche or maybe Range Rover are there, but a real luxury SUV you can’t buy.” Well, we’ll see.

This Just In: New Video Of The 2016 Bentley SUV.