KLAX - Lumberjack - Klecker Knives

When you think about survival gear or just tools for the great outdoors, plenty of things–I’m sure you’ll agree–come to mind. An ax might just be one of them, but would you associate it with items that are easily packed? I suppose the traditional ax with a guard or sleeve can be rigged to your pack, but it doesn’t make for something that would go inside.

Klecker Knives has prototyped the Klax (due in the Fall). It provides ten handy tools into an easy to carry stainless steel package, heat-treated for rugged outdoor use. The clamping system is the real gem, as it allows you to keep the blade and handle separate, if you even require one. You can easily find a solid piece of a lumber when you get where you’re going and attach it.

Klax includes: stainless steel ax blade, hammer head, hex wrench set, 1/4” bit drive socket, bottle opener, lanyard hole, caribiner, ruler and KLAX Clamping System. This beaut will set you back $160 unless you’re inclined to go for the 7.4 oz ultralight titanium version for a whopping $550.

KLAX – Lumberjack – Klecker Knives.