Progress is good! In the case of mobile operating systems every little bit counts. When you make a full point jump, however, I’m expecting gold. Will Apple deliver the goods with iOS 8? It was quite an announcement, so let’s see if I can distill it down to digestible form:

  • Tada! AirDrop and Handoff tie together sharing between OS X and iOS
  • iPhone will be able to hand off phone calls and text messages to Mac
  • Notification Center in iOS 8 offers quick replies, actionable items and WIDGETS!
  • The new Spotlight search acts more like Google Now
  • QuickType word prediction has been baked in
  • Third-Party Keyboards are now an option!
  • Enterprise features for mail, calendaring and more
  • Family sharing of piuctures, apps, and calendars
  • iCloud gets cheaper!
  • HealthKit comes to iOS, so does HomeKit
  • New editing tools in Photos
  • App Store overhaul
  • Touch ID open to third party devs
  • And..the beta is available – installing it on my iPad Mini!

Everything we learned about iOS 8 today at WWDC 2014 | iMore.