It’s not like Microsoft is the only company to have taken this approach with it’s “smart” phones, just look at Apple. Want to browse the file system or move things around on an iPhone – you’re out of luck unless your phone have been jail-broken. When you do connect it to a computer, you have access to a small section for downloads. Sigh. That’s not smart.

A post on Windows Phone blog confirmed that the app is available to download now. Called ‘Files,’ the app is free and in the Windows Phone Store for anyone to download. As far as utility goes, Files has everything you could want from a file manager. You can create folders, copy and move files as well as rename them should the need arise. Importantly, the app can also access external storage, so those with SD cards can play around with files there, too. Files can also be opened from within the app as well, so if you keep all your videos on an external card, you can access them all from within Files as opposed to browsing for them from the Video app.

Official File Manager App For Windows Phone Now Available [Download Link] | Redmond Pie.