Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver System

With Father’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d do my part and list a deal or two that targeted the man-folk. The truth is decent electric shavers are expensive. The ones that are self-cleaning, even more so. That being said, if you could spend $70 instead of $150, would you? That’s what I thought.

The leading Braun Shaver, the 390CC is designed to automatically adapt to the unique contours of each face, delivering a close, custom shave. With 3 fully adaptive cutting elements, the 390cc’s floating head shaves short and long hairs in every stroke. The shaver’s head glides across your skin for added comfort and control. Then, after the shave, the 390cc Clean & Renew System cleans and lubricates the shaver for like-new performance. This, all to make every man’s look stand out from the rest. You’ve got 12 hours to get in on this one – go for it and enjoy!

Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver System.