Calling a laptop pack a Man Bag is a little bit overboard, but I feel like the dominant audience for this type of straight black all-over gear being predominantly male. That being said, this seems like a decent enough pack, but one that’s going to give most people sticker shock. Given the relative newness of the brand, I can’t say I could rationalize getting one, but hey, a little disposable income could change all that.

This pack comes well-equipped, built with waterproof rugged ballistic nylon at the exterior and moisture-repellent zippers at the exterior. Underneath, the Cobra pack features a copper-colored lining throughout the interior, with a separate zippered compartment for 15-17″ laptops. The Cobra pack also features ergonomic strap design for comfort, as well as a water bottle/umbrella compartment at the sides (a must-have for anyone with a backpack). For all this, Booq even includes a bit of insurance: a Tumi-like serial number that Booq uses to track lost bags.

Yours for the previously aforementioned $295 price tag.

booq | Cobra pack.