Saw it. In the theater, in 3D, the night it opened. I like X-Men. Love Wolverine. Was it the best movie I’d ever seen? Nope. Was it bad? Of course not. I won’t spoil it (although the article linked below will give more insight than you might like) but there’s plenty going on, if not the most action you’d expect for a superhero flick. My verdict – sure, check it out.

Standard scenario applies: There’s a catastrophic present in which all is lost and the fatal development can be traced back to a single event (think Terminator). The sole hope is to bound back in time and keep said event from happening. You and I can’t, but we’re not superheroes. Maybe we’re frenemies (yes, I’m referring to the movie, slyly).

From the symbolism to the mood, the movie is well directed and produced. The subtext is ever-present and the plot solid enough, if a little slower than you’re used to. Go out and watch it for yourself.

Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past — Vulture.