If you were so heavily enamored by your original HTC One of last year (M7) that you decided to keep it around, I can’t say I blame you; the device was rock-solid and perhaps you’re holding out for the “Prime” version if it lives up to the hype.

All that said, there’s a juicy update rolling out across a few carriers (the article below references Verizon, but Sprint and T-Mobile are on the move as well.) Just this morning folks notices that Sense 6 for the M7 had been upgraded to “complete” on HTC’s upgrade tracker, and now it’s available. HTC One M7 owners have a whopping 642.8 MB download (WiFi anyone?) that will update their device to HTC Sense 6, bringing along all the goodies we’ve come to expect from the modern interface.

Sense 6 debuted on the HTC One M8, and while not all of the features from the M8 are migrating down to the M7, enough are to make it worth your downloading and installation time. It brings with it a refined user interface, an updated Blinkfeed, camera app, and more. Sense 6 also moves the apps into Google Play so HTC can update them without having to push a complete system update for the device. Enjoy!

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