Gary Edgely sells denim. I don’t mean literally as he’s more of a brand guy but you get the idea.. As Paige Denim’s Brand guy, he does his fair share of glad-handing.  Originally from Australia, he spent the past 14 years in London before moving over to the US   in 2013.

Hopping between LA, NY, London and many other destinations in between requires his essentials to be streamlined to a frequent flyer’s needs. His wardrobe is kept simple and functional with several pairs of Paige jeans being his mainstays (big shocker, I know) together with clean shirts and tees. His stylistic range between dapper and casual footwear is covered by his three key pairs of shoes: a black pair from Mr. Hare, a white pair from Common Projects, and a blue pair of Nike Flyknits. A pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers have kept him company for the past decade and a half.

On the tech side, his travels make his array of portable gadgets understandable. Aside from standard trio (read: Macbook, iPhone and iPad), he snaps away with a “retro-volutionary” Fuji X20 camera. Simple, elegant and pack-able. Enjoy!

Essentials: Gary Edgley of Paige Denim | Hypebeast.