As if I actually have to articulate this anymore, the likes of Google, Samsung and Apple are battling for every piece of “life real-estate” they can. Be everywhere and everything to all people seems to be the end-game. With WWDC coming up soon and Apple assuredly announcing some “Connected Home” news, Google seems to making its own play behind the scenes with Nest.

Google’s movement into smart home territory has caught many people’s attention and with a new report: they might be looking to expand that and are contemplating bringing Dropcam on board as well.

Dropcam has made a name for themselves with its IP webcams that stores images and videos in the cloud and allows users to check them from wherever they have internet connection. By bringing them in, this will build on the smart home platform that Google is already working on with Nest thermostats and monitors. Adding in Dropcam as a potential home security system with video feeds that all work into Android and Google’s existing ecosystem would make its offering into smart homes more diverse and comprehensive, if it happens.

At this time, the report states that Google has only considered adding Dropcam, this is far from any kind of a done deal. However, during the acquisition of Nest, Google hinted towards getting into the home safety sector as well. If the pattern follows, so too will an acquisition.

From the Weekend: Google and Nest Reportedly Looking into Home Security with Dropcam | Droid Life.