When Marvel and Disney collaborate to bring you a Manga-based animated story about a 14-year-old named Hiro Hamada and his faithful, soft-hearted and soft-bodied best pal Baymax, what do you think you’de get? Adorable awesomeness, duh!

Have a look at the teaser linked below. Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams gush on that the footage is meant to illustrate the movie’s central friendship. “Hiro wants to take the healing, loving, guileless nurse robot and turn it into a mechanized warrior,” says Williams. “That’s sort of the backbone of the film.”

Disney’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter had the Big Hero 6 team do a deep-dive into robotics research where they met with engineers at Carnegie Mellon working in the new field of “soft robotics” made with inflatable vinyl. Hall says the technology “will have potential probably in the medical industry in the future, making robots that are very pliable and gentle and not going to hurt people when they pick them up.” Suddenly, the movie’s “huggable robot” wasn’t that farfetched.

Let’s hope this one is a success. Coming from the makers of Frozen and Wreck it Ralph, I have high hopes.

First Teaser for Marvel and Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’: Meet Their ‘Huggable’ Robot.