BBM Protected demo caught on video | CrackBerry.com

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has been one of the most tried and true messaging platforms. One of the key features has always been security, but given the enterprise space is one that Blackberry really caters to, its in its best interest to beef things up.

The first iteration of eBBM, which is BBM Protected will be available in June (so any day now if the timeline holds). It is designed to add “Suite B” (the minimum for classified communications for the US government) compliant encryption on top of the existing BBM “scrambling” encryption key (3DES Universal Key). It is fully auditable and able to go across organizations as long as the other user has BBM Protected available as well. The first iteration will only work on BBOS devices running BBOS 6+ and Regulated BB10.2+ activations. Regulated+Balance activations and iOS/Android are slated for later this year. Here’s the kicker – every message within a BBM Protected conversation is encrypted with a different random key, so even if the network is compromised, and even if one key was compromised, you would still only get only one solitary message. Imagine the headache of trying to grab pieces of a conversation, assuming all else had come apart…

For those keeping track, BBM has 85 million active monthly users, 65% of them use the service daily. This is a higher percentage of daily users than Facebook. BBM will be expanding to Windows Phone and Nokia X platforms this summer after having made the leap to iOS/Android previously.

BBM Protected demo caught on video | CrackBerry.com.