Yes, it’s a question. Home automation has never really taken off. Do you remember X10? I didn’t think so. Do you have the budget for a custom system? Probably not. If you think about the number of products on the market waiting for a single platform to combine them all, then you might be the optimistic type. From setting timers, controlling music, lights, HVAC and more, the technology exists. Some of it, though, is NOT cheap.

The Financial Times report yesterday that Apple is working on a new approach to home automation that may be unveiled at WWDC next week. The author of this article sights awareness. fragmentation, complexity and budget as barriers. Apple can launch a campaign to bring to the conversation and can also impose standard to unite hardware features. Guidelines around setup and usability would also be a good bet. While the author doesn’t agree with my idea about a unified platform, he does propose to create category specific apps that would each over things like lighting, music, etc. We’ll see if Apple get the ball rolling on this shortly.

Opinion: Will Apple’s Smart Home concept bring home automation to the masses? | 9to5Mac.