TWEAK by Nitzan Shafat & Aviv Rozenfeld — Kickstarter

I spend a little time in the kitchen. There I said it. Let me tell you something though – nothing’s worse than cleaning up and having to remove all the leftover crap that ends up in the sink drain. For that matter, it’s no picnic doing the same thing in the bathtub or shower, but it sure isn’t as bad.

Nitzan Shafat and Aviv Rozenfeld are working on TWEAK, straight outta Tel Aviv.  TWEAK doesn’t just keep your kitchen sink draining smoothly, but solves the problem of scooping cold leftovers out of the sink with your bare fingers. The goal: avoid touching waste while removing it. Together the dua came up with a thermoplastic device that stay in place over the drain acting as a strainer, but then becomes a scoop when you lift it up to dispose of things. Um, yes please! Have a look at the funding page on kickstarter and tell me what you think.

For $12-$15 you can get in on the action with a variety of sink/tub combos in a few different colors. Enjoy!

TWEAK by Nitzan Shafat & Aviv Rozenfeld — Kickstarter.