I’m always curious where HypeBeast will turn next for it’s style essentials posts. This time around they’ve stopped off in San Fran to showcase Sudan Williams, aka Iamsu! Music and style have always gone hand in hand, so let’s see how this particular soul makes it come alive:

The 24 year-old emcee and producer is among many young artists reviving the music movement by pushing boundaries and staying true to his roots. One of the original HBK Gang and on-again off-again collaborator with 2 Chainz, Sage the Gemini, and Wiz Khalifa has an eclectic mix of items he takes with him to keep the inspiration, music and good times going.

His keyboard, Macbook Pro, iPhone 5 and Playstation 4 round out the technical components, while his 424 on Fairfax jacket, Pink Dolphin Camo hat, HBK Gang Tshirt, Nike Air Yeezy 1’s, Porter + Bathing Ape shoulder bag and purple Goyard wallet are where the style shows. A gold chain and some Afro Sheen keep things real.

Essentials: Iamsu! | Hypebeast.