Sony’s online marketing experiences are in the hands of Brian Beaver. No stranger to air travel (regular 10-hour jumps from San Fran to Tokyo), his essentials collection is a reflection of his trips, his artistic sensibilities and a love of music with a touch of class.

As the Executive Creative Director for the Sony Corporation of America prepared a comfort kit that includes a couple of pulse-point therapy solutions from Aesop, Sony MDR-1 headphones and an endless supply of Muji pens, all stored in a handy tote with adjustable handles from Billykirk. The eBoy skinned Macbook Air and Monocle Magazine ad some artistic flare, and a vintage Rolex and comfy low-tops from Common Projects add class and comfort. Enjoy!

(His camera set-up consists of a Sony A7 complemented by various Zeiss lenses that are fitted using an M to E-Mount lens adapter.)

Essentials: Brian Beaver of Sony America | Hypebeast.