Enable Windows 8 / 8.1 Hibernate Mode Option [How-To Tutorial] | Redmond Pie

This is something the folks at Redmond can face-palm about for all eternity. Many UI changes ultimately infuriated desktop and laptop users – not simply because functionality was lost or cganged, but simply because they didn’t know how the heck to use it. Case in point: Hibernate Mode.

You might be using hibernate on Windows 7 or not. Simply put, it allows you take a snapshot of your devices current state when you power off, enabling you to restart quickly and get back to work. If you use a Mac, think of it as similar to all the stuff that gets save when you power nap. But here’s the rub: do you have the option in Win8? On it’s face it’s nowhere to be found. The good folks at Redmond Pie provide a quick tutorial (linked below) to enable it.

Here’s the executive summary: click your battery icon in the system tray and select “More Power Options.” When you navigate to the area that allows you more granular detail like choosing “what the power button does,” you can then click on this nifty link called “Change settings that are currently unavailable.” There lies your prize, among other things. After saving the changes, you’ll see the option when you bring up the Charms. Why is it hidden? Something about one operating system for any device and folks never really powering down their tablets is to blame…

Enable Windows 8 / 8.1 Hibernate Mode Option [How-To Tutorial] | Redmond Pie.