We cannot claim to know anything definitive about the next iteration of iOS for the iPhone/iPad/iPod line, but we can speculate. We also don’t have that much longer to wait. Apple’s iPad is reportedly getting a boost through multi-tasking in a split-screen mechanism. The feature would be a major departure for iOS, which only ever allowed a device to “display” one running app at a time. Taking advantage of the larger screen real estate of the iPad makes sense, especially when Samsung’s tablets and the Microsoft Surface both tout the capability that makes them seem more capable.

But there’s more, just like the Samsung implementation, interoperability between open apps is supposedly another feature. The feature allows for content, links and more to be dragged copied and used between two open apps. If you’re wondering about apps that share content, that would be a yes. Let’s be real though: these features are long overdue, so let’s see if Apple gets it right.

iOS 8 rumored to bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad | iMore.