If you’ve got a father(-in-law) or buddy that’s a die-hard space enthusiast, do I have the gift pick for you. Now I know it’s just a little bit outside your budget, but gift giving is about the joy you bring to the recipient by giving the, something that speaks to their interests.

If you’ve got some auction-paddle skills, you’ll be happy to hear that the joystick used to control the landing of the Apollo 15 spacecraft during its moon landing will soon be up for your bidding pleasure. The joystick or as it is officially known, the “lunar module rotational hand controller,” used by Dave Scott and flown to the lunar surface on board Apollo 15’s Lunar Module Falcon, measures 4″ x 10.5″ x 7″ inches in size and still has two 15 inch cables attached, some of it’s tamper seals and original serial numbers.

Bidding is expected to rise to around $300,000. But hey, it could be less!

Apollo 15 Lunar Lander Control Joystick Expected To Raise $300,000 At Auction.