Kickstarter, I think I love you. Today’s project is CENTR. This little guy allows you to capture your experiences and share them in a whole new way. Capture 360° video in real-time on a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. With decades of experience working on cameras at Apple, the CENTR team knows what it takes to bring beautiful design and groundbreaking technology together in one product and it looks like they will at that rate the money’s coming in $275,000 of $900,000 in only 1 day!)

Without the needs for multiple memory cards, image alignment software or clunky setups, CENTR does everything for you. Back it and get your hands on one in the Winter for only $299 ($399 at retail.) It’s ergonomic, splash-proof, has a built in level, works with tripod and GoPro mounts and weighs less than 9oz. This thing is going to be insanely popular with everyone from Extreme Sports enthusiasts to recreational cinematographers to law enforcement! Good stuff.


CENTR: Interactive Panoramic Video in the Palm of Your Hand by CENTR Camera — Kickstarter.