If you hadn’t already heard that there’s some monkey business going on about the iPhone 5’s sleep/wake button, have a read and rest assured their a replacement program in place. But maybe–and I’m just speculating here–you might want to ditch that 5 in favor of the 5S in the process? Apple is playing this one pretty cool. There’s normally a $420 trade-in program in place for iPhones in good working order, but since the sleep button issues is bringing people in, they’re offering up the option for $350. How are they playing it cool? You have to specifically ask for it as they don’t want to give people the impression the replacement program was intended as a lure. Well played Apple, well played.

Taking in your iPhone 5 for the sleep button fix but really want to upgrade to an iPhone 5s? There may be a $350 trade in for you! | iMore.