Finding major security flaws seems to be a continuing trend these days. Whether it’s server security, browser security, device security or encryption, it seems to have come up as of late. One of things that’s had people worried for some time now is the number of desktop users out there still running Windows XP. Yes, it’s worrisome in itself but given it’s impending EOL status, there didn’t make much sense to stay on it if you wanted to be safer than sorry. And like clockwork, a flaw in Internet Explorer browsers has proven any Windows machine is vulnerable to remote control and access if the “wrong” link is clicked.

Microsoft it working on a fix, but not for one that will help Windows XP users. Here’s to hoping the extended coverage for banks using WinXP for their ATM’s is still in place…

Major Internet Explorer Security Flaw Is Bad News For All Windows Users, Especially XP | Redmond Pie.