“Hygge is a way of offering through design comfort and joy to an increasingly stressful world. The Hygge watches stand as products created in the best tradition of Scandinavian design and Japanese quality standards.” So there you have it. Modern, simple pieces at accessible prices. Sure to get noticed, not break your bank.

Touch of Modern has a dozen pieces on sale each for $30-$50 dollars off retail. Whether you’re looking for square, round, straps or bracelets, you’re covered. My top pic is showcased above as its right in line with the trending minimalist look. ┬áThe Hygge 3012 series introduces a simple and clear indication of time, with two hand discs providing a recognizable symbol that translates into its character and functionality. The simplified stainless steel case is thought-out to the last detail, providing a calm environment to view the display.

The design process started from the basic form of the watch face, where the goal was to find a user-friendly and unique way of representing time. Feel free to click through to purchase the Hygge 3012 for $149 and/or learn more about the designer. Enjoy!

Hygge – TouchOfModern.