Remember “Inspector Gadget?” I hope so! Either way, when he needed to get somewhere fast either his shoes became jet-powered skates, or his “Gadget Mobile” launched something akin to one of Batman’s toys. The lesson? If you want to go faster, you need thrusters. The extreme sport gadgeteers at Dreamscience would agree and have created products around these concepts. It’s simple: if you ski, skate, board, glide, etc. and want to go faster without going downhill, an electric-powered jet you can hold in your hands is the way to go.

Adam Contoret at Dreamscience, invented the system of 4 8-kW motors with fan blades spinning at 30,000 rpm.  Boarder  Jamie Barrow used the contraption to reach 50.1mph on a FLAT stretch of snow! Practical? Of course not, but for these guys it makes perfect sense!

Electric Jet Engines for extreme sports | wordlessTech.