Microsoft has expanded availability of its Bing school program (now Bing in the Classroom) to all K-12 institutions in the US. The move lets any school fill out a form to remove ads, get daily lesson plans and keep adult content filters switched on. As part of the launch, Microsoft is also making it easier for parents to both check if a school is using Bing and see how close it is toward earning free Surface tablets through search credits. Oooooh, free stuff!

The expansion should give Microsoft something of a foothold in the classroom. The just-ended pilot project is already providing search to more than 5,000 schools, and there isn’t any major competition. If this sounds odd, just think about the fact that Google doesn’t provide something similar (even though the Play Store has this functionality). Will this be a world where in the future kids will be “binging” for things instead of “googling?” I doubt it…

Bing’s kid-friendly search is now available to every grade school in the US.