Most days I’m proud to be an Android enthusiast, but the tide of iOS-first app launches hasn’t quit just yet. Remember when Instagram wasn’t even on Android for over a year!? In another such case, iOS users have been privy to IFTTT’s formulaic behaviors for automating app tasks on their mobile devices. Considering how productive Android enthusiasts claim to be, this one was something we just had to have. As of today, the Android faithful can get in on the action too. The outfit’s software is now available in Google Play, bringing with it photo, call, notification, SMS, location and device settings channels specific to Google’s OS. What does that mean for you? Well, you can tweak the setup to have your ringtone silenced when you connect to the office WiFi, automatically set your latest Instagram snapshot as your device’s wallpaper and get a push notification if you’ll need an umbrella tomorrow. The possibilities are only as limited as what you can link together. I’ll be downloading this thing in short order. As for you, enjoy!

IFTTT brings its recipe-based app automation to Android.