We heard quite a bit about the “Classic” from Blackberry CEO John Chen over the past few months, but no specifics about when we could actually expect the device. In an interview with USA today, a little more color is added to the picture:

“There’s a new product called the BlackBerry Classic that’s coming out. It’s an updated and enhanced version of one of our most popular and successful products called the Bold. It will include a keyboard and a good touch-screen, very fast Internet, Web-browsing capability and multimedia capability. But also it will be very productive and very secure. So, all the familiar things that people love, with some new technology updated. That will come out in November along with the server that helps companies manage devices. Not only the BlackBerry device, but every device, the iPhone and androids and Windows and everything else. So, the new products will have a lot to do with the architecture . And we made some announcements of those at the Mobile World Congress.”

Once again we’re looking at a protracted release process that has Waterloo releasing something way out in the Fall. If this is the case, it’s right on schedule with when existing models should reach their contract end dates. Is this some kind of upgrade strategy to hold onto existing customers? Growth is kinda necessary John…

BlackBerry Classic targeted for November release | CrackBerry.com.